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The Center for Behavioral Fitness was started by Gregory H. Salerian, MSW, LCSW and is located in Uptown New Orleans. An alternative to old and stuffy therapy,

Gregory is a therapist for a new generation!


My goal is simply to help people without frills or false promises. I take a direct and down to earth approach with the goal of equipping you to tackle life's inevitable ups and downs.

We use pragmatic problem solving and therapy guided by physical activity, improvement of organization and time management, acceptance of flaws in ones self and in others, and an expansion of relationships.


We try to identify and reduce negative behavioral patterns such as bad habits, excessive use of substances, lying, cheating, and poor coping strategies, while simultaneously identifying and expanding positive behaviors and patterns such as spending time with loved ones, organization, hobbies, and creativity.

If you can picture life as a pendulum, with negatives on one side and positives on the other, our goal is simply to have them even out. To have balance. Homeostasis. Balance won't always be there, the pendulum swings back and forth, but having the tools to understand and deal with changes is our goal.

- Gregory

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